“Dancing Butterflies”

size: 100x80,5x2 cm


Original, Acryl, Canvas

price before:  14 000.- SEK

price now 7000.- SEK


Butterfly, butterfly where are you?

I close my eyes and I see you,

all the colors so bright on sight,  

butterfly, butterfly you are dancing so light.

-Agnes Lätt-

“Love Lions”

size: 90x70x1,5 


Original, Acryl, Canvas

Price: 15 800.- SEK

price now 7500.- SEK


Love is strong,

love is unconditional,

love is genuine,

love is selflessness.

Love is you, love is me!

-Agnes Lätt-

“Angel Horse”

size: 90x60x2 cm


Original, Acryl, Canvas

Price: 12 920.- SEK

price now 6000.- SEK

I dreamed about an angel,

a strong and kind,

In haven among the clouds.

You will only find.

-Agnes Lätt-

”Spirit Bloom”

Size: 121x90x2 cm


Original, Acryl, Canvas

Price: 13 880.- SEK

price now 7000.- SEK

You are a live.

Bloom and shine!

Feel the connection...

Don’t you cry!

-Agnes Lätt-

“Swan Princess”

Size:81x65x2 cm


Original. Acryl, Canvas

Price: 11 680.- SEK

price now 5000.- SEK

Don’t be lonely.

Don’t be sad.

Look around you.

Life is Fab!


-Agnes Lätt-





Price: 17 000.-SEK

price now 10 000.-SEK

Feel the breeze on your skin.

Feel the lightness of your body.

There is sunshine in your path and

moonlight when its foggy.

There are stars that shine so bright

and the raindrops sweet as honey.

Feel the love, that surrounds you!

Feel it, its around you!


- Agnes Lätt-